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Wednesday mornings
June 30-August 18 from 10:00-11:30am
Cost: $15
Book Study on
In Want & Plenty by Meredith McDaniel.
Childcare is provided for infants - 5th grade.

Although our circumstances vary, we all ache with a longing for something more. We are born with dreams, and some of us even have detailed plans about how to make them happen. Yet we all come to a point in life when we realize that we are not in control. A loved one gets sick, a tragedy occurs, our plans backfire. What we may not realize is that even if we can’t depend on our circumstances or even ourselves, there is One who will always provide what we need, just when we need it.
With compassion and enthusiasm, Meredith invites you to walk alongside God’s people in Exodus as they wake up each morning to manna, God’s provision for them in desert places. As she unfolds their story of complete dependence on their Creator. You will discover how God is providing for you right now, where you are in your own unique story. Along the way, you will develop a comforting awareness that you are seen, guided, protected, and filled by a good God in the person of Jesus.
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Tuesday, July 13
6:00pm at Kannapolis Cannonballers Ballpark
$15 (includes dinner and admission)

VineLife is headed to the ballpark! We’ve booked the sky box for a fun night out! Register by June 21.
Dinner buffet (6:00-7:30pm) includes hot dogs, beef tip steak, pulled chicken sliders, mac n cheese, watermelon/strawberry salad, garden salad, chocolate chip cookies, water, ice tea, and lemonade.
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God on Mute by Pete Greig
Tuesday, June 22 at 6:30pm
Led by Pushpa Gross

What do you do when God is silent? Pete Greig looks at the hard side of prayer, how to respond when there seem to be no answers, and how to cope with those who seek to interpret our experience for us. Here is a story of faith, hope, and love beyond all understanding.

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Screens and Teens: Connecting with Our Kids in a Wireless World by Kathy Koch
Monday, June 28 at 6:30pm
Led by Mary Jones

If you feel like you’re losing your teen to technology, you’re not alone. Screen time is rapidly replacing family time, and for teens especially, it is hardwiring the way they connect with their world. In Screens and Teens, Dr. Kathy helps you make sense of all this and empowers you to respond. Koch exposes the lies that technology can teach your teen, guides you in countering those lies with biblical truths and helpful practices, and shares success stories of families who have cut back on technology and prioritized each other.

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Becoming Elisabeth Elliot by Ellen Vaughn
Thursday, July 22 at 7:00pm
Led by Katie Mathes

In this authorized biography, bestselling author Ellen Vaughn uses Elisabeth’s private, unpublished journals, and candid interviews with her family and friends, to paint the adventures and misadventures God used to shape one of the most influential women in modern church history. It’s the story of a hilarious, sensual, brilliant, witty, self-deprecating, sensitive, radical, and surprisingly relatable person utterly submitted to doing God’s will, no matter how high the cost. For Elisabeth, the central question was not, “How does this make me feel?” but, simply, “is this true?” If so, then the next question was, “what do I need to do about it to obey God?”

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Joyfully Single in a Couples' World by Harold J. Sala
Thursday, August 5 at 7:00pm
Led by Karen Renzo

Harold J. Sala clearly states: “What I want to accomplish is to help singles understand that they can find contentment and peace where they are right now, that they don’t have to be married to be happy. I want to help them come to grips with who they are and to help them to discover where God wants them to go with their lives and futures. Finding God’s help to meet the present need is the key to peace and fulfillment.” Chapters on making peace with your dreams, handling other people’s expectations, the beauty of friendships, and God’s will guide readers to great joy in the here and now.

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Sensible Shoes Book Series: Sensible Shoes, Two Steps Forward, and Barefoot by Sharon Garlough Brown
June 21, July 12 & August 9 at 7:00pm
Led by Becky Vroon & Kelly Dockery

The moving story of four strangers as they embark together on a journey of spiritual formation: Hannah, a pastor who doesn't realize how exhausted she is. Meg, a widow and recent empty-nester who is haunted by her past. Mara, a woman who has experienced a lifetime of rejection and is now trying to navigate a difficult marriage. Charissa, a hard-working graduate student who wants to get things right. You're invited to join these four women as they reluctantly arrive at a retreat center and find themselves drawn out of their separate stories of isolation and struggle and into a collective journey of spiritual practice, mutual support and personal revelation. Along the way, readers will be taken into a new understanding of key spiritual practices and find tangible support for the deeper life with God.