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Doing life together is easy, all we ask of you is to…
Show Up - Commit to being present. If we’re called to invest in one another, the simple act of showing up is critical.
Join In - Play a role in the group and lend your voice to the discussion. Everyone has a part in community.
Be Real - As trust develops in the group, be willing to risk transparency and honesty, admit your need for the Gospel. It doesn’t mean you have to “back up the truck” and share everything with total strangers, but being real means we don’t have to pretend we’ve got it all together.
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Basic Information to Know
  • Groups typically meet at least twice a month, often more regularly; each group chooses its own meeting schedule.
  • Each group determines its own study content based on the interests and needs of the group.
  • Most of our groups take a break from their study in the summer, but some may still meet socially.
How to Join a Group
  • Life Group Launch takes place every August. It's our annual "push" to help people find a group.
  • Most life groups begin in the fall, however it is possible to join mid-year. Please contact us for help in finding a group.
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If you're a current Life Group leader, visit our toolbox for tips and help on leading a group.

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