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If you want to grow in your relationship with Jesus, it helps to have intentional relationships with people who have the same goal—and a Life Group is the ideal place for that. Ever since God poured out the Holy Spirit in Acts 2, Christians have been meeting in small groups in one another's homes to devote themselves to teaching, community, and prayer (Acts 2:42-47). Small groups provide the opportunity to build trusting relationships where we can pray for one another, encourage each other spiritually, and discuss the Bible in a more personal way. Being in a small-group community is one of the most crucial ways in which we tangibly experience care, community, and Christian growth in our church family.

Life Groups are our primary small group ministry.  We currently have about 35 groups meetings in homes throughout our community on various nights of the week. Life Groups generally begin in September and run through May, but we love helping people get plugged in mid-year as well, so there’s no wrong time to join a life group!
What would this decision involve? Granted, it is a commitment. We’re asking you to get ‘circled up’ with 10 to 12 other believers and commit to ‘do life together’ in the coming 9 months. Simply put, we’re asking people to show up, join in, and be real.
  • Show Up simply means a commitment to being present to the best of your ability. If we're called to invest in one another, the simple act of showing up is critical to that.
  • Join In means playing a role in the group and lending your voice to the discussion. Everyone has a part in the community.
  • Be Real means that as a trust develops in the group, we're willing to risk more transparency and honesty, admitting our need for the Gospel. It doesn't mean you have to "back up the truck" and share everything with total strangers! But being real means we don't have to pretend we've got it all together.
Basic Information to Know
  • Groups typically meet at least twice a month, often more regularly; each group chooses its own meeting schedule.
  • Most of our groups take a break from their study in the summer, but some may still meet socially.
  • Each group determines its own study content based on the interests and needs of the group.

Life Group Rush
  • Life Group Rush takes place in August. It's our main "push" to help people find a group.
  • We can also help you find group year-round.

contact us if you have any questions about joining a Life Group.

Life Group Leader Resources:

If you're a current Life Group leader, visit our toolbox for tips and help on leading a group.