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Welcome to homeGROWn!

We know about the fall of humanity and the Bible stories we grew up with, but what do they have to do with the Gospel and how we live it today? The Past that Shapes Us is a topical deep-dive into the first five books of the Bible. In it, we will gain a better understanding of God’s plan for us through the very texts that set the stage for Jesus.
This class is for anyone who needs to be encouraged that God is at work, even today, in spite of our less than perfect selves, cultures, and institutions. It is also for anyone who wishes for a greater understanding of how the entirety of the Bible is one cohesive story that seamlessly fits together through the ages.

On Tuesday nights at 7:30pm we will use Webex video conferencing to create an interactive classroom. This will be a true classroom experience with time for questions and classroom discussion. The virtual classroom opens at 7:20.

Download the app, create a FREE Webex account, and join the class!

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For dial in only, please call 1-408-418-9388. Meeting number is 795 898 457#