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GROW Classes – Sep-Oct

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9:00 | Café
Living for God in a Society that has Forgotten

In Judges Israel is faithless, turns to false gods, then runs into hardships and cries out to God. Then the judge intercedes for them, they turn back to God and he takes them back once more.

When things are going really well and we forget to keep God as the focus and we let things become idols in our lives, something always happens and we need God to deliver us.

Join us as we see God’s faithfulness time and time again to his chosen people.

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10:30 | Room 206
Parenting 101-102

We all want to raise self-confident, motivated children who are ready for the real world.
Let’s learn together with other parents how to be effective in teaching our children responsibility and growing their character. This class will be filled with practical skills and strategies as we grow our children in the Lord.

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10:30 | Café
Care is a Verb

Caring is stepping out to share the love of Christ to others in need. Wish you were better equipped? Wish you had the right words to say in a particular situation? Come learn how to listen, encourage, pray, and comfort. CARE is a Verb!
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GROW Classes – Nov-Dec

9:00 | Café
God’s Words

10:30 | Café
Fall in Love with Jesus … again!

10:30 | Room 206
Marriage = 2 Sinners Under the Same Roof