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A gathering of emerging adults and young professionals joined into one glorious people for the renown and honor of Jesus!

College / Recent High School Graduates
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Suffering & Purpose

This semester we are studying 2 Corinthians to see how God can work through our sufferings to reveal our passions and purposes.

Sunday nights at 7:15 / StoneBridge College Online
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Music & Meeples

Come watch a musical or movie, and play games. We begin our study by discussing themes of the movie and comparing them to a biblical worldview.

First Sunday of the month at 5:15 / Room 201 at StoneBridge
Dinner is provided

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College RPG Nights

Dive into the world of being a private eye and solving cases of all sorts.

Second and Fourth Sundays at 5:15 / StoneBridge College Online

College / Young Professionals

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Beer & the Bible

21+ only. This is a crossover college and career event. We go through a Bible passage and enjoy a drink together (if so desired). It’s a great time to chill and fellowship.

Beer and the Bible will resume again in the spring when the weather is warmer and porches more inviting! Until then, feel free to join us at any of our other College & Career events!

Young Professionals

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Matthew Bible Study

Join us for a study on the book of Matthew.

Thursdays at 7pm / StoneBridge Midgard Online