Children's Ministry Regathering FAQs
Where is the Children’s Ministry Entrance?
Located to the right of the Main Entrance. Look for the signs!

I am a visitor, how do I register?
First, visit the Children’s Ministry Check-In desk to register your child and obtain a “Safekey” security sticker. You will be given a pick-up card that matches the sticker on your child to ensure a secure pickup.

What are your cleaning protocols?
The rooms will be sanitized before and after each use. Toy use and sharing will be monitored by our teachers. Hand sanitizer will be available in all rooms.

What other safety precautions will you have in place?
Teachers will wear masks the whole time. Children Kindergarten-Grade 5 will be required to wear masks while in their classes.

Will snacks be provided?
Snacks will be provided for Toddlers-4's only. Teachers will wear gloves to distribute our snacks of Goldfish and Vanilla Wafers. Feel free to send your own snack if desired.

Will there still be kidsBridge?
Yes, you can still connect each week via

What if a child/teacher tests positive for COVID?
We will follow CDC guidelines and notify the parents as stated in our Wellness Policy.