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Getting oriented to the story, the beliefs, and the vision of StoneBridge
Discover is an opportunity for you to learn more about our church: its vision, beliefs, core values, and distinctives.  It’s a required step towards membership in our church, but it’s specifically designed with no obligations.  If you want to begin the process of formalizing your part in our family, please join us for this ‘on-ramp’ into the life of our church.  

We offer the class three times a year— twice as an eight-week Sunday morning class in the Winter and Fall, and once as a weekend ‘crash course’ in the Spring. Choose the option that works best for you!  For more information or to sign up for the next class, contact Kevin Burrell or click here to sign up for the next class.

Offered in January-February, September-October, and a Spring Weekend.
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Gathering the tools for the first steps of the Christian journey
Explore is designed for those who have recently taken—or retaken—their first steps in the faith, and want to deepen their relationship with God.  What does it really mean to have a relationship with God? What prayer look like? And what does it really look like to live life as a Christian? These are the types of questions we discuss together.

And to help you in your exploration of the Christian walk, we pair each participant with a
guide who can walk alongside you for these important next steps. If you’re a new Christian, or one who is returning home to God after some extended time away, or simply one who wants to know more about the building blocks of Christianity, this class is made with you in mind!

Offered in May-June and November-December
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Searching for our unique purpose in the body of Christ
Connect is an 8-week course that we offer once a year in the Spring to help you find refined purpose in God's kingdom work, both inside and outside the walls of StoneBridge. It takes seriously the concept of ministering from our weakness, while at the same time leading from our places of greatest strength.  
The class uses four key inventories (personality, abilities, experiences, and spiritual gifts) to personalize the content and help you make discoveries about God's call on your life. And we help after the class with a personal 'ministry consultation' to see where your strengths match current ministry opportunities.
If you're trying to find a place to plug in and serve, or you’re already involved but trying to hone your effectiveness, Connect is a perfect next step.
Offered in March-April
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Committing to a path of growth and learning in our walk with Christ
Our Grow classes are Sunday morning opportunities for growth and discipleship in a large group setting. Using a multifaceted approach that includes a combination of insightful creative teaching, small group discussion, multimedia presentations and more, Grow will help you focus your life on Jesus Christ.

Grow classes cover a wide range of topics in Christian living, Biblical content, and the building of a Christian world and life view. They generally change every two months. One class meets at 9 am upstairs in the Café and two more at 10:30 am in the Café and Room 206.
Offered throughout the year.