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NURSERY (6 Weeks to 2 Years Old)

The first seeds of faith are born when young children learn to trust through the receipt of consistent, quality care.   By providing loving care in a safe and happy environment, our nursery lays the groundwork for the development of a trusting faith in Christ.


How old does my baby have to be to start in the StoneBridge nursery?

We welcome your baby to our Infant room anytime after 6 to 8 weeks of age.

Is my baby separated from older toddlers?

We promote children from our infant/crawler room to the SB Littles nursery as soon as they can walk confidently.

What do I need to bring?
Your baby or toddler will need a labeled diaper bag with fresh diapers, a change of clothes, a labeled bottle or sippy cup and any items you know your child will need to be content during their time in the nursery. We offer Nilla Wafers and Cheerios to our Little Sleuths unless instructed otherwise by a parent.  An information card will be provided for you to complete with any care-specific instructions for our volunteers.

What are the procedures for checking my child into the StoneBridge nursery?
First, visit the Welcome Desk in the Sanctuary foyer and you will be guided where to go to register your child and obtain a “Safekey” security sticker. You will be given a pick-up card/sticker that matches the sticker on your child to ensure a secure pickup.  When your family makes a decision to attend StoneBridge regularly, you may request a permanent “Safekey” tag and eliminate the need to check in at the foyer desk.

How do you contact me if my child needs me?
Your “Safekey” card/sticker will have number on it which will be displayed on a digital box above the right screen in the Sanctuary if you are needed. 

Who cares for my child?

Our nursery is staffed by church members, regular attenders and 6th-12th grade youth who volunteer to serve weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.  The volunteers are supervised each Sunday by a team of four coordinators who are there to greet parents and handle any issues or concerns that arise.  Background Checks are completed on all adult volunteers.

How does StoneBridge keep parents involved in their child’s experience at church?
After you begin attending regularly, we ask that all nursery parents serve in our nursery quarterly to experience and participate in the environment your child enjoys. Of course, we'd love it if you volunteer to serve more frequently!

Do you have a nursing mothers room?
StoneBridge has a nursing mother/cry room located behind the right side of the sanctuary for your convenience.

What are the sanitation procedures in your nursery?
Our nursery is a well-child nursery and we do turn away infants and toddlers with any indication of illness.  To prevent the transfer of germs, all baby toys are sanitized,  linens are laundered and larger toys and equipment wiped with sanitizing wipes after each use.  Periodically, large equipment & toys are washed with soap and water to supplement the sanitizing procedures.