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Address: 9801 Mallard Creek Road, Charlotte
StoneBridge Leader:
Brent Jones
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Interested in being a part of the Mallard Creek Elementary School ministry team? Click HERE to get connected via The Bridge!

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One of StoneBridge's guiding principles in loving Charlotte is focusing on our immediate neighbors, within a seven-mile radius of our campus. Mallard Creek ES certainly fits that bill as it is literally the closest CMS school to StoneBridge! There are numerous ways we can bless Mallard Creek as they do such important work in educating the young people of our community:

  • Baking or providing snacks for Mallard Creek staff meetings held periodically at StoneBridge
  • Writing notes of encouragement to staff
  • Lunch buddies for students
  • Mentors and reading buddies for students

The sky's the limit - let us know YOUR ideas!
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Box Tops for Education - Have you ever seen this logo on the products you buy? They're on hundreds of products you probably already buy, and probably already have in your pantry today. Did you know that each one of these 'Boxtop' logos that the school collects can be redeemed for 10 cents apiece? This may be the easiest way EVER to donate money to Mallard Creek ES and help the work they're doing there. Please contact Brent if you have any boxtops to donate.