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Whether it’s the family next door or our neighbors in need in the I-77/I-85 northern wedge of Charlotte, StoneBridge is committed to both equipping you and providing you with opportunities to love them well.

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The center serves both the spiritual and physical needs of the predominantly Spanish-speaking neighborhood nearby on North Tryon.

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Offering free Christian-based residential recovery programs.

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Healing Charlotte, one community at a time.

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Connecting and resourcing the Hidden Valley community to improve livability for our residents and strengthen our neighborhood.

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The University Soup Kitchen Is Charlottes first green food pantry. We recycle fresh meals from local restaurants and stores to serve those in need.

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A food pantry in our area providing groceries and toiletries.

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A food pantry in the Hidden Valley neighborhood of Charlotte.

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Providing free pregnancy services and information on abortion.

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Providing unique care for women facing an unplanned pregnancy.

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Asking families in area churches to open up their lives, homes, and resources to love their neighbors well.

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Uniting and mobilizing the church to create a culture of love and life.

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Providing support to women facing an unplanned pregnancy.

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Equipping the pro-life movement to argue intelligently, honestly, and persuasively about abortion.

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Teaching young men from middle and high school leadership and critical thinking skills, utilizing work-based learning opportunities and field trips to areas of interest. Also offering HVAC and electrical training to their high school-aged students.

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Reach a Child, Raise a Leader, Restore Community

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Supporting pregnant and parenting teens through mentorship, community and a life with Christ.

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Giving the gift of life by donating blood. Drives held at StoneBridge three times a year.

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Nurturing and strengthening God-centered homes in the Huntington Green community of Charlotte.

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Showing support to our closest elementary school.

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Providing assisted living for seniors in the David Cox Road area.

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Giving shoes, giving hope. Making a difference in the lives of children in need.

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Coordinating with local farmers, volunteers, and food providing agencies.

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Partnering with our neighbors right across the street.

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Giving families with special needs children and adults, along with youth at risk the opportunity to “soar”.

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Plays Billy Graham's crusades through TV ministry partners. They provide training to answer calls and how to minister to those calling in.

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We are dedicated to giving ourselves away. This commitment is to our world and our local Charlotte community. Watch for a SBServe event coming soon!